Udacha (The Luck of Westport)

A sword said to have protected the village of Westport

weapon (melee)

Udacha Awakened

+5 longsword
Critical: +5d6 lightning damage
Property: You can speak and read Ternian

Power (encounter): Immediate reaction. Trigger: you are hit with a melee attack. Effect: force the attacker to reroll with a -5 modifier. They must use the new result.

Power (daily): Standard action. You attack with Terna’s Judgement: close burst 2 (targets enemies); Constitution +5 vs. reflex; 5d6 + Con modifier lightning damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn. Held aloft, the sword begins to hum as it absorbs electricity. Your hair stands on end, and with a sharp crack, Udacha releases an arcing burst of blue lightning.


The Luck of Westport is a finely crafted longsword with indecipherable runes engraved in its hilt.

The sword was called by locals a “good luck charm” as it was said to protect the region from enemies and other misfortune. It had been stored and protected within a nearby cave until retrieved by the heroes.

Since being “awakened” by the Mithral dragon Zheedkosti, Udacha underwent several changed. The central emblem on the hilt is now a blue, glowing, eye-like gem. Also, the sword has begun sporadically communicating with its owner telepathically.

Udacha (The Luck of Westport)

Miir Kutch