Translated Page of Ternian Tome #2

A hand written translation of a single page of a Ternian tome


The translation reads:

I, Rigmund transfer into this tome the first truths of Terna.

Terna was great with intelligence.
Terna was few in number.
Terna found the true path to illumination.
Terna grew to become many.

Such was the greatness and intelligence of Terna that many of Miir began to fear that Terna would destroy or enslave them.

Miir should not have feared this from Terna. Terna’s will was the true path that would lead all of Miir to illumination.

The elders opposed Terna’s true path. Together, their power was enough to challenge even the might of all Ternians.

The elders didn’t have the power to completely destroy Terna. Instead, they found a way to sever the very essence of Miir. And Terna was shattered. Almost all of what had been Terna was ripped from Miir. From that time on, Terna floated next to Miir.

The elders in their folly had also shattered Miir. The illumination offered by Terna was replaced with chaos, confusion and hatred. Also, unbeknownst to the elders, The Shattering was unstable. Exactly 515 years after The Shattering, Miir and Terna will collapse and be absorbed into the elemental chaos.

Before Terna was shattered, it was prophesied that the children of Terna (The Children of the Prophecy) would rejoin Terna and Miir once more, thus restoring the true path and overcoming The Inevitable Collapse.


Translated Page of Ternian Tome #2

Miir Kutch