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Spawned as a vessel of retribution and broken by the rage of powerful spirits, Vennerzad returns to the world from a timeless sleep to find his place.


In a history long forgotten an evil Warlock sought to gain advantage in the dark wars that covered the land. His name was Morzad the Dark and his very presence stirred a primal fear in the very land he traversed. Nobody knew where he came from but whispers of his name, spread by shadow, preceded his dark influence.

In a world covered in wars between powerful nations, Morzad thrived. His first public appearance came with the destruction of a small and broken country, but this was the just the beginning of his campaign for power. Once he targeted a country he would methodically break the will of its people with methods cruel and efficient.

Only after a handful of countries had fallen to his control did he strike at a super-power. Unprepared for his sinister plots, as arrogance and pride often do, the country fell granting Morzad a frightening number of resources, both in raw materials for war and personnel. Only then did the other superpowers take notice of his dark deeds, for he was not the first in his efforts to gather smaller kingdoms into one power, only the first to succeed at threatening their might. They joined into two separate alliances, unable to overcome their hatred that had torn the world apart.

Now that Morzad had accomplished his primary goal he took to the open as War Commander. Many ignored the mutterings of his malignant evil and came to fight under his banner believing him to be the savior to end the wars that had devastated towns and nations the world over and over again. Once he thought his force equal to the task he began phase two of his plan and took to the field of battle.

In a fierce battle, early in his campaign against the strongest opposing nation, Morzad was dealt a mighty blow and fell. A young, valiant warrior, firmly misguided into belief he was fighting for good and righteousness, jumped forward and defended the fallen warlock against the knights who sought his life. In a feat only accomplished in legends he slew the attackers. In gratitude Morzad placed a powerful enchantment on the boy which gave him great strength and made him his chief lieutenant. Never again was Morzad seen except this no name warrior walked by his side.

His strength in magic brought combat advantage to his warriors which caused his enemies to withdraw time and again, but unbeknownst to his followers there was a darker side effect. They grew more ferocious, more bloodthirsty and slowly, ever so slowly, lost their humanity. The most profoundly affected was his unnamed lieutenant. Once the seeds of corruption were deep enough Morzad felt it time to reveal himself. Removing the disguise carefully crafted he stood forth as a powerful necromancer. His army surged in size as those slain in battle joined his cause. Quickly, before his two foes could unite he took his army and crushed the weaker of the two. During the battle his lieutenant was slain, but only to be raised even stronger into one of the greater dead.

As Morzad reconciled his new, additional forces a powerful and independent band of clerics combined their powers and infiltrated his kingdom. Their careful planning and ingenious spell weaving almost paid off. As they poised ready to destroy Morzad his ever faithful lieutenant accidentally intercepted the spell. Morzad’s fury broke upon the spent band and destroyed them, but their spell kept Morzad’s most faithful servant beyond even his grasp.

Morzad disappeared. Only whispers of his whereabouts and the charred southern country remained for months. Unknowing if the band of clerics had succeeded or not the king of the last remaining free alliance sent spies everywhere lest they be taken in surprise. Reports began to come in that, while Morzad remained unseen, his taint was found to be the cause of the destruction of powerful natural landmarks. One after one reports of forested wild magic hot spots being destroyed surfaced. The king, fearful of loosing his most valuable landmark, sent an army to defend the Way-Crossed river. Powerful magic, or in truth four brother spirits, had claimed this area, shaped it and called it home. The restorative properties of the water strengthened any healing magic. The minerals carefully mined formed weapons without equal. The various other resources respectfully gathered had brought great wealth and power to whichever kingdom controlled its borders. Long ago the people had learned to fear the spirits wrath should they abuse the land in their gathering.

Morzad beat the armies to the Way-Crossed River. They only arrived to witness his triumph. For reasons unknown he had gone on his rampage seeking to bring a wilden into being to enslave him as a replacement lieutenant. Finally, at this greatest scene of destruction he found what he sought, but as often happens he did not acknowledge any power greater than he. As he prepared the blow that would begin his creation process the wilden fled, crying to the spirits for protection. The rage of the spirits heard his cries. At every destruction spirits, now detached from the mortal realm had followed Morzad, waiting for an opportunity for vengeance. The great four called them together and they joined within the desperate newborn wilden. Their combined power, now free to influence the mortal realm was immense and destroyed Morzad, along with the wilden’s mind.

In his last act of defiance Morzad imprisoned the spirits in the physical body they had inhabited. Cursed to remain outside the spirit realm and in the broken mind of a mortal they went mad. They called themselves Venge in memory of their retribution, and their enraged fury broke across the land. Their combined power approached that of deity as they ran wild through the world, destroying anything unfortunate enough to stand in their path.

More to be included about these spirits and the helpless wilden

In the absence of Morzad the world learned peace. Kingdoms were rebuilt, undead were obliterated and years of prosperity and hard work followed. As human population again began to spread it’s contact with the wandering Venge increased. Soon groups of adventurers set out to tame or destroy the mad spirits but none met with success. Finally the greatest of wizards, know only as Nerkliklen was made aware of the problem and left his timeless sanctum to confront the problem.

He tracked down the spirits and only with his most clever and powerful spells, restrained them. Soon he learned of the poor wilden’s fate and took pity on him, for he was only a child by any race’s reckoning. Instead of destroying him and the spirits who controlled him he imprisoned him outside of our reality in a timeless sleep. He knew that the spirits would grow weak given enough time and in that time his mind would heal as they quieted.

Ages past and the history books that contained any record of these events were lost to time. But still the wilden waited, ageless and unaware, as his mind and the spirits healed. Nerkliklen knew that one day the wilden, now named Vennerzad to reflect his three great shaping influences, would return to make a name for himself.


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