An engine of war from a bygone age


HP: 131
AC: 27
FRT: 29
REF: 25
WIL: 23

SPD: 6
Init: +9

23 Str
20 Con
13 Dex
9 Int
11 Wis
13 Cha

MBA: 21 atk, 2d613


When men first waged war, they did it with fists and teeth. As civilization progressed, so too did the implements of conflict. From flesh to stone, from stone to steel. The rich learned to send the poor. The powerful learned to send the weak. War progressed, but never truly changed. Countless dead still wasted away in the mud of the battlefield. The drums of technology and thrum of magic reverberated off one another, pushing war to greater heights. Yet, blood still soaked the consciences of those who led their subjects to war.
And so, war changed.
Instead of arming soldiers with steel, they decided to create their soldiers with it. Massive furnaces burnt through the seasons, forging the flesh of the Warforged. Forests were leveled to form the muscles and tendons of this perfect implement of battle. Mountains were hollowed out until they collapsed.
Without the cries of the dead hounding them, war never stopped raging. The loss of a village led to the loss of a city. The loss of a city led to the loss of a nation. The loss of a nation led to the loss of a people. War burned so brightly that the face of the world was consumed in its thirst. Soon, all that was left were the Warforged, endlessly playing out the wars of their dead masters.


Miir MrTusks