Al Na'ir

Deva Arbiter of Forgotten Justice


Our little Al has grown quite a bit since he set off from the temple of Pelor so long ago. His has obtained a grace rarely seen in this realm of mortals. Although Al na’ir at time is known to appear to have lost his temper he believes in swift justice to those who have committed wrongs by whatever means necessary whether it be killing a cultist during a ritual or bitch slapping an old woman who has abused her weathered husband position in society. Al na’ir is an Arbiter of Forgotten Justice and strives to restore it whenever the chance arises.

While struggling With the children of the promise to right the wrongs that have taken place in Nyland Al na’ir, our shining star, has learned much of his present self, but still his past eludes him. He celebrates his lost allies, Swiftslash Banterlock, Mylona, Mithros, and most remarkably, Lil’ Turd, or as Al na’ir remembers him, “he who I took under my wing to train, but who gave me so much more in return.”

Entry 1
He has proven to be very wise despite his lack of memory. He is a formidable level one opponent. His major flaw is his Charisma (but what Deva has a lot of personality?) He is also quite insightful and has the ability to maintain physical activity for long periods of time.

Al Na’ir has medium blue skin with black markings on his face and chest (the picture is a joke). In true deva fashion he makes very few gestures and remains serene in most circumstances. People often become annoyed with his staring because it is difficult to tell where he is looked for his eyes rarely move when he is still.


Al Na’ir awoke five years ago from his previous death in his sacred thicket on the western shores of Nyland. Mysteriously Al Na’ir remembered nothing of his thousands of previous lives but found he had honed skills and instincts that led him to discover a unused temple to Pelor. At the temple he met a retired priest that took him in and gave him his name (Al Na’ir’s true name is lost). They became close friends and for the first five years of his life Al Na’ir studied the great collection of books that Travis, the priest, had amassed. Al Na’ir learned of the history of Miir and religion.

After five years with Travis he decided it was time to seek out answers to his past and learn who he truly is and what he truly can become. He has joined a band of drifters looking to further his knowledge.

Al Na'ir

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