Chapter I, Part II: The Plot Thickens

Determined to keep up with Rigmund and get some answers, Swift continued the pursuit – sprinting down the dark street followed closely by Mylona, Mithros and Torynn. Al Na’ir waited patiently near the mausoleum, hoping to find more answers there.

As the main group rounded the corner, they caught a glimpse of a dark, cloaked figure just as it darted up the side of a building and disappeared over the rooftop. Taken aback by the seemingly impossible feat and deciding how they might continue the chase, the group was nearly startled by a town watchmen approaching them. He asked what the commotion was and wondered if they had seen what looked like a man run up a wall. Both parties eventually decided they’d just keep quiet about the incident (after all, it was quite dark…) and the guard escorted them back to The Goat’s Mane.

Meanwhile, Al discovered that the Mausoleum’s entrance would be difficult to breach, and decided to meet the party back at the Inn. Before retiring, they approached Lily with a few more questions about Crenton, and found out that he was the Mayor’s advisor and was also the one who apparently started the rumor about Rigmund. The party woke the next morning without incident.

Lily greeted the party and presented them with a mysterious sealed letter. It was apparently from Rigmund, and explained that he knew it was hard for them to trust him, but it was imperative they meet him at his cabin. The cabin’s location was obscured with a trick of numbers, which the group was fortunately able to decipher quickly.

Following the letter’s instructions, they made their way to the cabin with ease. It was situated within a beautiful valley between Egrom Forest and the mountains. As they approached, Rigmund greeted them happily (after once again assuring them he was a friend), and seated everyone around the hearth. He then proceeded to explain to them the details of a vile plot to steal Westport’s “luck charm” in an effort to leave the village exposed to some imminent attack. He said that Westport was caught in the middle of a power struggle with a prominent baron, and it was imperative that the charm remain in their possession.

He detailed that he himself had hidden the charm and protected it, but that it’s location had become known to the baron’s spies and it was therefore necessary to retrieve it so as to ensure it remained hidden. Unfortunately, other creatures had taken up residence in the hidden cave, so he required the heroes’ assistance to collect the charm. As a help in their quest and a token of good will, Rigmund then presented them with an amulet of protection and explained how the entrance to the cave could be located.

En route to the cave, Mithros noticed fresh goblin tracks, and the party barely avoided a goblin sharpshooter ambush. Having noticed them first, the warriors made short work of the goblin scouts. The battle wasn’t over, however, as just then a goblin riding a bear burst through the brush and engaged the group in a vicious battle. After knocking off the rider, the fight was quickly ended, and they made their way to Rigmund’s hidden cave.

The party entered the cave cautiously, and noticed a creature running off down a passage just as they entered… They chose to follow the opposite path and soon came to a closed door. Inside they stumbled upon a veritable zoo of caged beasts. The goblin tending them frantically started opening the cages as the heroes frantically tried to kill him before he could. They finally killed him, but not before he’d opened every cage. Luckily, the heroes were able to jam 2 of them shut before the creatures could escape. They were still left to fend off a dire rat, a spider and small drake. The spider proved to be especially formidable, and poisoned several of the heroes before being felled. The cave was quiet for the moment…



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