Chapter I, Part IV: A Twist

The battle in the cave continued as Mithros closed with the nearest zombie: a chillborn. He was injured by it’s aura of cold as he got close, but retaliated with a solid attack with his longsword. The whole party eventually made it across the chasm, and was able to dispatch the vile undead. Unfortunately, two of the zombies exploded as they were killed, injuring nearby heroes with gobs of necrotic sludge.

The zombies had apparently been guarding a door at the end of the cave. The party entered into the next room—another hallway, this one decorated with various murals of the Westport area. On the far wall was a large stone door engraved with a riddle written in elvish:

Through many means I’m sought by all

I’m fickle as a child’s whim

A clover, foot my presence calls

And without me, the outlook’s grim

Mithros suggested ‘Luck’ was the answer, and when spoken in elvish by Mylona, caused the large stone door to slowly slide open.

Beyond the door stood a pedestal in the center of an octagonal room. Floating inches above the pedestal was a shimmering white longsword with a blueish silver hilt. Al Na’ir approached the pedestal and reached for the weapon, only to be electrocuted by an invisible force field. The party decided to search for controls to deactivate the protective shield, and noticed four holes in opposite corners of the room as well as blocked openings on three walls. After realizing it seemed feasible that the room might be able to rotate, they were able to create levers with their weapons and hands which they placed in the holes, causing the entire outside area of the room to rotate as they walked clockwise.

The walls seemed to lock into place after twisting 90 degrees, and one of the blocked openings was now exposed, releasing two skeletons. They were easily bested by the adventurers, but the force field hadn’t been deactivated. They repeated the rotation process, again releasing several of the undead warriors, who were again dispatched. The third time, three openings were exposed, each releasing two skeletons on the heroes. Also, whatever weapons (or appendages) had been used to rotate the room were this time locked within the holes. For Swiftslash, Torynn and Al Na’ir, this meant they were down a weapon. For Mithros, it meant his hand was locked within the opening, forcing him to fight off the encroaching skeletons without means of retreat. Fortunately, Mylona was able to move freely, and after several impressive explosions of divine and arcane energy, the skeletons lay in dusty ruins. Torynn survived the battle as well, despite being surrounded by three skeletons and injured near the point of death several times.

With the room effectively sealed off, and their energy nearly expended, the party decided to take an extended rest—managing to recover their strength within the cold, dark and dusty cavern.

Hours later, they decided to rotate the walls once more to complete a full circle. The room was noisily shifted back to its original position, revealing the front entrance. As the dust settled, they noticed the electrical shield around the sword deactivate as well. This time unimpeded by magical protection, Al Na’ir clasped the sword named Luck of Westport. As he did, the group noticed that the markings on the hilt faded, barely visible without their former blue glow. The sword was theirs.



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