Chapter I, Part III: Into the Darkness

The faint whisper of a breeze soon caught the party’s attention—the room seemingly a dead end. Upon investigating further, they discovered a secret door in the corner of the room that opened into a tiny cave that led deeper into the mountain side. It quickly grew too narrow for a humanoid, but was large enough for the chest that was hidden there. Inside, the heroes found a healthy sum of gold along with a potion of healing. They also decided to release the caged baby bear (but not the giant centipede), which took an immediate liking to them and followed them back out of the room to the next chamber.

Hearing nothing at the door, the party burst into the room, only to find a large group of goblins waiting for them with makeshift barricades. Apparently, the creature they saw run off at the entrance of the cave had warned the other goblins they were approaching. There were also several large ‘X’s painted on the floor of the room… A bloody battle ensued, which ended with Swiftslash severely injured, and the goblins’ carcasses strewn about the room in messy heaps. The heroes were rewarded by finding the goblin boss’ secret stash of gold.

They moved on, deeper into the cave. A large set of heavy double doors led into a huge, dark cathedral with vaulted ceilings and pillars. Several large torches created just enough light to reveal the Gnome and dire wolf seated at the end of the hall. The gnome was clothed in loose fitting robes and perched on a makeshift throne, slowly petting his giant wolf companion. The gnome spoke to the adventurers in a tense, high pitched, distinctly gnomish voice. “You’ve arrived at last! What a pleasure indeed… Now YOU can fetch it for me!” He laughed maniacally. “I know it’s here, I can FEEL it! Silly goblins goblins can’t find it, but YOU will! The magic, bring me the magic and I’ll spare your pathetic lives!”

After some clarification, the heroes decided it would be best to go along with the unstable gnome’s demands. After all, if they had to fight him, at least they’d have the sword…

Continuing past the gnome and his throne, they came to a long hallway, the length of which they noticed was marked with thin slits every five feet. There were also several dead goblins littering the room. Just as they began to cautiously make their way down the hall, a loud swoosh came from the other side of the room. Al Na’ir lit a sunrod to illuminate where the sound came from, but the room was empty apart from a door at the end of the hall. They continued to move forward, and soon discovered they were in the middle of a trap, as a giant blade swooped across the room like a pendulum, barely missing Mylona. Several of the group ran across the rest of the hallway, desperately trying to force the heavy stone door open. It eventually gave way, and everyone was able to make it out safely.

The next room was little more than an un-worked cave, collapsing near the middle into a deep chasm about ten feet across. On the other side, the party spotted several zombies, each connected to the nearby cave wall with lengths of chain. They recalled Rigmund mentioning that he’d left several undead to protect the Luck of Westport. They approached the chasm, and Al unleashed a bolt of divine energy at a zombie, hoping they might be able to dispatch them before crossing. Unfortunately, one of the zombies was a corruption corpse, and responded to the attack by hurling necrotic gobs of it’s own entrails across the chasm at the heroes. Meanwhile, Mithros was able to leap across the gap with a length of rope and secure it on the other side, creating a makeshift bridge. The battle was just getting interesting…



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