Chapter I, Part I: Not the Friendliest Village

Having defeated a small band of goblins in the nearby Egrom Forest, the party was celebrating at The Goat’s Mane Inn – a small tavern in Westport. Amidst the conversation, Mithros (a human ranger) overheard two patrons mention the name Rigmund...

As things were winding down, a man approached them and began chastising Mithros for aligning himself with “lesser races” such as Tieflings and Dragonborn. He was a slightly drunk human named Crenton who refused to back down despite the party’s attempts at peaceful negotiations. This inevitably led to a brawl, which ended with Crenton storming out of the Inn, soundly beaten (it was 5 to 1) and severely wounded.

Having observed the encounter, a short, bearded man in a gray cloak walked over to the party and introduced himself as Rigmund, stating that he was impressed to see someone finally stand up to Crenton. He alluded to a job he had for them, and proposed they meet near “the old temple” at midnight to discuss the details of the sensitive matter.

Not having much information to go on, Al Na’ir decided to question Lily the Barmaid about Crenton and Rigmund. She mentioned that Crenton wasn’t as important as he pretended to be, and had it coming, but she avoided talking about Rigmund, claiming she “didn’t know him.” Na’ir slipped a gold coin onto the bar and asked again. Lily nervously explained that while Rigmund seemed to have good intentions, she’d heard rumors of him double crossing people who had agreed to work for him.

The party waited until midnight, then walked to the temple; deciding they’d take their chances with Rigmund. As they approached the temple, they noticed something shimmer in the forest beyond the cemetery where Rigmund was waiting. Just as Rigmund began to speak, they heard footsteps from the behind the nearby mausoleum. Rigmund looked panicked, and darted off behind the temple with Swiftslash in persuit. The rest of the party rounded the mausoleum just in time to see the four human thugs who were about to surround them. The highwaymen exclaimed that they knew about the “huge payoff” the party had found on the goblins they’d killed (it was actually just 10 gold pieces…), and moved in for the attack. Even one man short however, the battle was pretty one sided – the thieves had obviously underestimated the heroes’ skill. Meanwhile, Swiftslash rounded the temple only to find an empty street. Rigmund was gone…



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