Chapter 2, Part I: A Green Robe, an Orange Glow, and a Lost Brown Bear

With the lucky sword in hand, the heroes made their way out of the cave. Unfortunately, this meant re encountering the unforgettable gnome and ‘pet’ wolf. Hoping to avoid a fight, they hatched a plan to give the gnome one of the old, rusty swords they’d claimed earlier and tell him it was The Luck of Westport. The gnome accepted the sword with glee, and told the heroes to be on their way. However, just as they were about to exit the underground cathedral, the doors slammed shut, and the gnome cackled wildly. “You fools! I’m a gnome wizard! Did you really think you could trick ME? DIE!” A fierce battle ensued. With some new spells and skills however, the heroes were triumphant in finally killing all the foes in the throne room, despite the gnome’s ability to disappear upon being injured. A sizable hoard of treasure was inherited, including the gnome’s magic staff, an enchanted bandore, and a fine green silk robe sported brilliantly by Mylona.

Al, Swiftslash, Torynn, Mithros, Mylona, and of course Turd the bear faithfully following, returned to Westport after Mylona summoned an animal messenger to Rigmund, telling of their success and completion of the task. Once again within the city, they gained an audience with Mayor Silrow of Westport. The adventurers were wary of explaining any details however, seeing as the mayor’s adviser, Crenton was present. They told the mayor of Crenton’s treachery, and upon confirming their story, Silrow had Crenton expelled from his service. The mayor was thrilled to see the heroes’ completion of the task and awarded them a large property complete with all the worldly needs they could possibly want. He also let them keep the Luck of Westport sword, telling them that the adventurers themselves were the new luck of Westport.

Their newfound luxury and relaxation were cut short the next morning when they were summoned by the mayor and briefed about a relief wagon of supplies that had gone overdue and missing. The adventurers minus Turd the bear set out right away and after a day’s hard ride (on their new horses and pony), they came upon what was left of the wagon and a single, hysterical man left to tell the story. After Al healed the ragged man, they were able to discover that the wagon had been attacked and the culprits had continued toward the city.

The party of heroes plus the man and wagon returned to Westport, Mithros and Swifslash going speedily ahead. They were shocked to find Westport in an orange blaze. They spotted some hobgoblins about to commence a firing squad on some petrified Westport citizen survivors. Mithros and Swifslash quickly sprung into action and fired arrows from the distance, killing the half dozen hobgoblins after some skillful fighting that had come to be characteristic of this unlikely band of peace-keeping heroes. The surviving hobgoblins retreated, shouting to one another that “Sorrowsworn Keep” was their rendezvous point. The rest of the adventurers arrived shortly after and the supplies were left to be distributed among the survivors.

Much to their devastation and horror, upon returning to their home, all that was left of it was a smoking crater and some muddy footprints leading off into the forest. Al Na’ir tracked the bear’s footprints in feverish desperation, until the rain made it impossible to continue. Turd was gone…

Back in the smoldering wreckage of Westport, the party was able to locate the mayor’s guard among the survivors. He had uncovered a half-burnt letter among the debris around town hall, and gave it to the heroes. It’s words were disturbing:


Seeing as how early attempts at getting the interlopers to leave Westport were unsuccessful, I was forced to accelerate our plans. Knowing they have the sword, I am unfortunately left with no option but to order the attack while they are gone. The old fool Rigmund has been advising them. If what the Guild says is true my lord; if they are the Children of the Prophecy, it is likely they will continue to interfere. I request permission…

The rest of the letter was burnt off.

In this moment of heavy rainfall, burnt debris, death and despair, a glimmer of hope shone on the horizon in the form of a small sparrow flying towards them. It was the same bird Mylona had sent to Rigmund as an animal messanger. It landed at their feet and recited its return message in Rigmund’s voice: Well done. You must return at once.



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